A Unique, Effective Landscaping Process

At Landscape Charlie, we believe that having an effective, streamlined process is just as important as having great products, designs, and employees.

Our landscaping process is tailored to you – the customer – to ensure that your vision and ours are in sync and that you are completely comfortable with your project at all points.

Below is how we approach our landscaping services at Landscape Charlie:

Starting The Process

We begin the process of assessing your landscaping needs. This gives you a chance to tell us about your project ideas, budget range and thoughts. To get started with your project, simply fill out the form or call us at 612-220-0101.

On-Site Meeting

After an initial conversation about you and your project, we set up a time to come out and visit your home for a consultation.


While walking through your property, we will listen to your thoughts, plans and budget for your project. Then creating different concepts with subsequent investment levels for us to discuss on site.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite concept that is aligned with your budget, we will create the design, fixed price proposal and any other needed documents. We can use 3D design if needed to help you visualize the design.

A 3D rendering is done digitally to create an image with a stunning sense of three-dimensionality. It involves strategy, artistry, and software to create an image that gives you a idea of what your landscaping project will look like when completed. With the combination of digital images, measurements, and the eye of a professional designer, the possibilities are endless.

By adding trees, flowerbeds, and hardscapes to the outside of your home, a homeowner can get a preview of what's to come! It transforms an individual's ideas and places them in a space where both the landscaper and the homeowner can resolve any issues before the project is finished!


After approving the proposal and design we will schedule a start date window. Typically we are about 1-2 months out depending on what time of the season and the scope of your project. The weather has been known to challenge our timelines so we typically like to have a week time window for arriving and starting your project. There are times where “emergency” landscaping has been a need. This could be due to needing to sell a home quickly, a graduation party or damage caused by weather. Please let us know right away if this is a time sensitive issue so we can help to work best within your timeframe.

Performing the Project

Upon arrival the team will do a thorough walk through to allow everyone involved to have complete understanding of the design and installation techniques, timing and materials planned. Organizing the progression of each portion of the project and their integration is where we really shine. Prior to our arrival we will have all of your public utility lines located as needed to ensure a safe work site.

Payments and Final Walk Through

Typically, we collect a 20% deposit at the scheduling your project, 50% at the start and the remainder upon project completion. Guarantees, warranties and any supporting information will be shared at this time as well. Smaller and large projects may have tailored payment arrangements. Financing through the Belgard Preferred Payment Program is available if desired.