Landscape Services

At Landscape Charlie, we offer landscaping services for every need. Whether you want to increase your curb appeal, add that fire pit you’ve always wanted, or simply enhance your outdoor living space, Landscape Charlie can help.

Our unique landscaping process ensures that you receive the highest quality of service and products.

Here are just a few ways that Landscape Charlie can help you:

Front Entry

1Bloomington Front EntracneRenovating the entry to your home can transform the entire feel of your property. The flow of the entry needs to be obvious, and with the aid of smart design, it can easily be aesthetically pleasing too!

Seat walls, sitting areas, and even water features are great elements to incorporate into these spaces. Creating an inviting front entry encourages that neighbor walking by to stop over and say hello!

Check out our Project Gallery and Before & After page to see some of the beautiful front entry work that Landscape Charlie has done and to get inspired!

Patios & Walkways

Patios and walkways made of natural stone and concrete pavers help define the spaces around our homes, also known as the hardscape.

The hardscape industry has come a long way with textures, color, and strength of pavers and natural stone. Partnering these materials with smart design can foster warmth, movement, and even create the desire to explore with the way patios and walkways are designed to be installed.

Visit our Project Gallery and Before & After page to see the ways a beautiful hardscape can improve the appeal of your entire yard!

Retention & Walls

1AAAEden Praire Block WallTypically, retention calls for retaining walls, and in some situations, a retaining wall is a must. Boulders, decorative concrete block, and natural stone are the main mediums used. Gravity retaining walls have built-in drainage systems allowing the weight of the medium used to do the retaining.

However, in some situations, hillsides are better retained with outcropping – which is the strategic placement of stone or boulders to prevent material from eroding. Outcropping alone or combined with retaining walls is often the most effective and economical way to address a hillside retention situation.

A need to add retention into your yard can actually be an opportunity to add some beautiful landscaping features. See our Project Gallery and Before & After page to view some beautiful outcroppings and retaining walls.

Steps & Stairs

AAABloomington decorative steps and retaining wallsBecause our properties are not always flat, we often need steps and stairs to easily traverse these areas. This utilitarian function can be aesthetic with smart design and eminent materials, such as decorative concrete slabs, stone, and wood.

Click here to see a project portfolio of steps and stairs, and here to see how they can add to the transformation of your property!


Fireplaces & Fire Pits

1AAAChanhassen FireplaceA recreational fire has an uncanny way of magnetizing conversations and increasing relaxation. Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to anchor a paver or stone patio. They create heat, privatization, and a vertical visual interest that is unrivaled.

A fireplace has an added benefit in that it funnels the smoke created by the fire to the top of the fireplace, out and away from the seating area. But a fire pit is another great fire producing element. Especially if you’re looking for the ability to have a large group around a fire, then a fire pit or fire table could be the best choice.

See our gallery of fireplaces and fire pits here or see how these elements can aid in the transformation of your spaces.

Outdoor Living

At Landscape Charlie, we define outdoor living as any act of daily life performed outside. It can be as simple as sitting, relaxing on a patio, reading a book, or listening to an outdoor speaker system while you’re grilling dinner in the subtle glow of low-voltage lighting.

Click here to see pictures of some great outdoor living spaces and here to see the entire transformation!

Water Features

The movement of water has such a calming and relaxing effect. Why wouldn’t you want to have some form of it in your space?

The most common type of water features that we install at Landscape Charlie is a pondless waterfall. There is great design flexibility for this feature, including the quantity of the water flow, the length of the stream, and the material style. A bubbling rock or traditional fountain are also pleasant if the architecture and space require it.

See our gallery to view some beautiful water features and our Before & After page to see how the addition of a fountain or waterfall can transform your entire space.

Softscape & Finishing

Once the hardscape (the nonliving portion of your landscape, such as patios, retaining walls, fireplaces, stone, and walkways) is completed, it’s time to softscape.

Softscaping includes adding trees, flowers, shrubs, perennials, mulch, etc. Pairing softscaping with some finishing touches is how we really enhance the landscaping, creating the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted and can’t wait to enjoy.

View our softscaping gallery now or click here to see the way softscaping puts the finishing touch on your landscaping and aids in the metamorphosis of your space.

Whatever your landscaping needs, Landscape Charlie can help. Contact us today to start the process! 612.220.0101